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Fun. Easy. Game Changing.


The Game Changer

Radial Combat is an app that gives combatants the ability to section off their favorite battlefield.


You can through our app, view the location of their teammate's, set up different game modes with the click of a button, and keep track of each team's points as well as the objectives of the game.

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Image by Daniel Balaure

Grow with each win

Win and gain Combat Glory.

Increase Your Profession Rank.

Gain New Scorestreaks.

Host over 40 combatants

Create an event and get paid by other participants.


Create a Clan.

Connect with other players.

Post upcoming events.

Exclusive Airsoft gear offers



Got Questions? We’re Here to Help.

When will the Beta be released?

Right now we are looking at July 2020.

Who can use this app?

The app will first be targeted toward all who play Airsoft. Later we will branch out to Paintball, Lazertag, and many others.

It all sounds great, but what does this App actually do?

It tracks you and your teammate's position through GPS and shares a live location feed. When you get hit, you press the hit button on your phone. As your team gets points from completing objectives you get Objective Rewards. Depending on the profession you choose, you can target a location on the map and wreak havoc on your opponent.

Objective Rewards can be disabled. 

I’ve seen other Apps that serve similar purposes. What makes your app better?

This is how we stand apart from other Airsoft Apps.

- Radial Combat manages just about everything in your Airsoft games so you don't have to. With the click of a button, you can set up an entire Airsoft event with 40+ participants. 

- We are a hub to announce games and find others who play airsoft.

- We create a thrilling experience in each game you play.

Do I have to pull my phone out all the time?

It depends on how you want to play and what game mode you chose. In high-intensity games, you will probably want to find a way of having your phone easily accessible. In MILSIM scenarios you might not want it visible.


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